Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So far I am winning the battle...but have I won the war?

I'm only on day 3 of my 4-week rotation, but I have still managed to overcome the injury to my trapezius muscle and stay on schedule.

The trap still hurts like a motherf-cker, but my pain and lack of mobility have been greatly reduced since Sunday.  I can move my neck, shoulders, and left arm more freely and the sharp, painful sensation creeping on the left side of my upper body has gone from a bonafide 8.5 to an innocuous 5.

I've managed to do Atletica and Tony Horton's Fountain of Youth yoga with the help of some modifications.  For Atletica, I did the entire workout, sans the punching segment, with 5lb weights.  Granted, this took the workout down to "intermediate" for me, but a.) it created a more fluid workout that warmed up my muscles and stretched out my back and b.) I was just happy to be able to exercise at all.

I have limited flexibility anyway, but my cute little purple little yoga block helped me get through Tony Horton's yoga workout.  Most of the moves were helpful in stretching out and strengthening my back, but that damn triangle pose always has me crying for mamma!  

I'm thinking that I have the worst of the storm, but my past history with my trap muscle tells a different story.  This is the 3rd time in 18 months that I have injured my trapezius!  The worst was back in July of 2009 when my trap was agitating my neck with such excruciating pain, I had to walk sideways and keep my head tilted 45 degrees to my right because even the slightest inclination the left was bloody painful.  

So far, I am winning the battle, but who will win the war?  My trap is a formidable foe, after all.

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