Sunday, January 23, 2011

Review: Lebert Equalizer

Despite some major setbacks in my family life (I might share later on the other blog), I have so many things to look forward to in my own little world of fitness.  The new Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis program should be shipping this week, and first thing tomorrow morning, I start a new rotation that includes circuit training with my Lebert Equalizers.

As I promised, I'm going to share my thoughts and overall opinion about the Lebert Equalizer.  I did an actual circuit with it last Friday, so I think I can give an honest and fair review of the product.  I'll break down my review in a pro and con section below, but in brief summary, I think it is one kick-ass piece of equipment.


  • It's a great way to build upper body strength: There many different upper body exercises that can be performed on the LE (I'm getting lazy), and what's also great is that there are many variations of these exercises that help a person progress and keep it challenging.

  • Great core work: Let's face it, crunches can be taxing on the neck and spine, and many studies have outright declared them useless.  You can perform a lot of plank-based work on the LE, and even a variation of one of my favorite ab exercises, the Captain's Chair Leg Raise (see image below).

  • Easy to assemble: I suck at reading directions, let alone assembling any piece of equipment together.  That being said, this was fairly easy to put together.  It came with two bars and four supporting stands (two for each bar), bolts, and an Allen Key to screw it together.  It was that simple!

  • Great for stretching and coordination: Sure, you can do stretching and coordination exercises anywhere, but the LE can help expand on stretching exercises and is great for working on your range of motion.

  • Proper form for tricep dips: I never realized how weak and shoddy my form was when it came to tricep dips until I bought the LE.  I guess not all supporting surfaces are equal.  When I did a set last Friday, my arms were on fire after only 20 reps.  It dawned on me that I wasn't lowering my body far enough when I would use a chair.  My aching triceps will tell that I have now seen the error of my ways.

  • Better range of motion and more rehabilitative to my muscles: With the LE, I can perform body weight exercises and build strength while not putting strain on my muscles, particularly my back.  A majority of exercises performed on the LE require you to elongate the positioning of your body.  With my back and neck stretched out, I'm less likely to strain anything.  I sold my adjustable dumbbell set yesterday on Craigslist and never looked back.

  • It's like being a kid again: Even when I'm not exercising, I might spend 5-10 minutes just screwing around on the LE, thinking of inventive ways to exercise.  I often find myself giggling when doing so.


  • Height: The LE stands at 28", but I wouldn't mind if it were just a wee bit taller.  I know this sounds a bit weird since I'm 5'3" and reviews from the 6'+ club have found no fault with the height of the LE, but I wouldn't mind if it had hit somewhere between 32-36".

  • It can be a bit wobbly, depending on the surface: Don't get me wrong, it is a sound piece of equipment, but it can feel wobbly at times if it is not placed on a solid surface, like hard-wood floor.  I tend to use it on 1" thick puzzle mats because I also like to do floor-based work and the mats are great for my plantar fasciitis-prone feet (I'll review them next time), but the LE can be a little unbalanced at times.  I'd also caution anyone who also uses carpeted surfaces.

  • Somewhat lacking on lower body work: I'd say about 80-85% of the exercises that can be done on the LE are either upper body or core-based.  The LE can be quite helpful in assisting in lunges or those dreaded pistol squats, but most conventional body weight exercises that can be done on the LE most likely entail working arms/shoulders/chest/back or abs.  That being said, one of the reasons I purchased the LE was so I could do my own versions of Tracy Anderson's lower body exercises and even some barre work.  Like I said, it's a little short, but once you can advance, the burn feels oh-so-good.

I like the LE a lot and recommend it to anyone who is looking to expand his or her personal home gym or  anyone wanting a fresh, unique way to condition his or her body.  If you are satisfied with your free weights, resistance bands, barbells, etc, as well as doing tricep dips on chairs and push-ups on the ground, the LE might be unnecessary.  Still, I think it is one neat piece of equipment and it has rejuvenated the fun factor for me when exercising.

Have a good week!  Cheers!

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