Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm weak and lack willpower

I'm sure this comes as no surprise to anyone, but I caved and purchased Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis program.  Instead of being upset with myself, I have just come to accept that impulsivity, particularly when it comes to purchasing fitness-related items, is my downfall.

Despite the failures, I think there is a silver-lining in this situation.   Honestly, The new Insanity: Asylum program, Tracy Anderson's new material, and the new P90x were the 3 main programs I was most interested in 2011.  If that is the case, I believe I can suffice with purchasing those 3 items and calling it quits for the rest of the year.  At some point or another in 2011, I planned on purchasing those items anyway, so why put myself on a timetable?

I'll admit that Bob Harper's Inside Out Method seemed interesting and that I was recently looking at Cathe Friedrich's MMA videos (one of the few workouts from that woman that doesn't require you to buy a gym), but I can take it or leave it.  Quite honestly, I do have plenty of workouts to keep me busy for awhile and I do believe I can still refrain from purchasing other DVDs.  The 3 programs mentioned earlier were exceptions, as I knew of them for quite some time and really desired purchasing them at one point or another.

Unless Shaun T decides to follow-up with Insanity: Bedlam before the Christmas season,  I feel comfortable saying that Asylum, P90x: MC2, and Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis program (I'm only getting the 90 day program, not the monthly subscription plan) will be my only purchases for 2011.

Now that I feel better about getting that off my chest, have a greet weekend!  Cheers!  

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