Sunday, January 9, 2011

My first rotation of the year

As promised, I am sharing with you my exercise rotation from January 10th-February 6th...

MondaysAM: Ilaria Montagnani's Atletica.  When I originally tried this workout, I worked with 5,8, & 10 lb dumbbells.  With my limitations, I am thinking of going down to 3,5, & 8 lbs until I can work my way up.  For someone who can lift heavy, this might seem too light; however, Atletica is a workout of endurance and in the vein of athletic-style training.  It's not about strength, but explosive movement and working the fast twitch muscles.  Clip:
 PM:  Crunch Pick Your Spot Pilates. This is a series of three 10 minute workouts that target different problem areas (abs, thighs, glutes) and are lead by the fabulous Ellen Barrett.  I figured after a long day of work and class, I could use one or two segments to help tone, relax, and rehabilitate me all at the same time.  Clip:

TuesdaysAM: Tony Horton's Fountain of Youth yoga.  This was originally planned into my rotation, but since my recent injury, yoga will definitely play apart in the rehabilitation process.  If the name Tony Horton sounds familiar, that is because he is the creator of P90x, the most popular exercise infomercial...ever!  Oh yeah, the program is pretty good too. 

 After the success of P90x, Horton started offering his fans monthly follow-up workouts after completion of the program, as part of his One-on-One series.  As the title mentions, it is a series of workouts at Horton's house with just Tony and his cameraman, Mason (who is hilarious, btw).  Horton also used the series to address complaints, criticisms, and suggestions his fans had of P90x.  His response to the epically long Yoga X (I'm talking Lord of the Rings long) was a vinyasa-style yoga workout that was straight to the point and could be completed in half the time.  Clip:

Wednesdays-PM: Weights and cardio at the gym.  When I first moved to Chicago in August of 2009, I wanted so badly to have a gym membership because a.) I thought it would be the answer to get me into shape and b.) I had a weak DVD selection at the time, so I hate working out in my apartment.  Fast forward to 17 months and an exercise DVD addition later, and now I absolutely love working out at home.  

Still, I have a few months left on this gym membership, so I might as well utilize it while I can.  On the plus side, the TVs on the cardio machines get more cable channels than I do at home.  If you are wondering, the answer is yes, I do watch the Food Network while working out.


Friday-  AMAtletica 
PM: Pick Your Spot Pilates

Saturdays-AM: Tracy Anderson's Dance Cardio (2008).  Since my eyes were bigger than my bank account and I went ahead and ordered Dance Cardio II, I figured I'd at least learn the routines from the first Dance Cardio.  Although I'm not the biggest fan of her dance cardio, I do admit that when it comes to music and ambiance, Tracy Anderson has excellent taste.  On the plus side, I did manage to conquer Beginner's Dance Cardio, so learning the routines on her other dance DVDs is not am impossible goal.  Clip:

PM: Yoga.  I figured I'd just pick yoga DVDs depending on my mood for that day.  I have many DVDs that are broken up into segments, so I can pick choose as I please.  I figure as long as I'm stretching my muscles, I will see improvements in my posture, flexibility, coordination, and prevent future injuries.

Sundays-AM: Turbo Fire.  I have been incorporating Turbo Fire into my routines on-and-off since June of last year.  I love it so much and the honeymoon phase hasn't worn off yet.  I believe, however, that I am beginning to plateau from it...but I just can't quit cold turkey.  It's like heroin to me!  I'm thinking once a week should be sufficient to still give me my fix, while helping me wean off of it.  After all, I have other DVDs that need attention too.  Clip:

 PM: Yoga

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