Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lebert Equalizers and rotation challenges

As I look to my left, a pair of beautiful, new Lebert Equalizers stand in my view.  Now only are they amazing, but they are shockingly light weight, easy to store, and extremely easy to assemble.  I am having a hard time wiping this goofy grin off my face every time I seem them, and quite frankly, I don't want to.

I will have to write a more detailed description about my thoughts and opinions later, as well as talking about some of the exercises that can be done on the Lebert Equalizer.  I did view the DVD tutorial that came with it, and I even sampled of a few of the exercises.

 Even though the exercises were labelled 'beginner' and 'intermediate', don't let that fool you--this piece of equipment is plenty challenging.  The Lebert Equalizer might  not look like much or seem like it would provide a variety of exercises, but my creative juices salivate every time I look at it.  I am confident I can find many uses for it while keeping it challenging and efficient.  This just might be the thing to get me out of this early-year plateau.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I already suffering from rotation boredom, and I'm only 1.5 weeks into my first one!  If anyone has seen the movie "The Seven Year Itch", perhaps Marilyn Monroe's most famous film, it tells the story about man whose wife of 7 year and son leave for the summer, while he must deal with temptation in the form of the sexy blonde who lives upstairs.  The premise of the film is based around a popular myth that men lose interest in their wives after 7 years of marriage and are likely to stray from fidelity (I've read studies that suggest a 4-year itch and that women are just as likely to suffer from it!).  When it comes to exercise, the itch occurs for me around the 2-week mark.

Recognizing my fear of commitment and relationship boredom (before you judge me, I'm talking about exercise here), I've decided I could approach exercise rotations in two ways.  The first way is quite simple, and calls for me to switch exercise rotations every two weeks instead of four.  The second way involves making two rotations and switching between them in a 4-week period.  For example, I make rotation A and rotation B, and do each one every other week.  Week 1 starts with rotation A, week 2 would be rotation B, week 3 is rotation A again, and week 4 ends with rotation B.

Although the latter sounds a bit more complicated, I'm thinking of giving that one a try first.  The way I see it, switching between 2 rotations back-and-forth will give my body plenty of muscle confusion, and I won't get bored mentally.  I can also still maintain some consistency in a 4-week period, which was one of my initial reasons for making it a New Year's resolution.  To me, consistency is key to obtaining results.  I plan to finish the current rotation this week, and start fresh on Monday.  I'll post my new plan during the weekend.

Until then, Cheers!

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