Friday, January 21, 2011

I hate Tracy Anderson and Shaun T!

Ok, I don't really mean it when I say I hate them--I just lack willpower.  You see, both of them are conveniently releasing new material right around the same time I'm trying to stay focused about not buying any new exercise DVDs until June.  Aaarrggh!!!!

The thing that makes it worse is that Insanity: Asylum and Tracy's new material (the program is called Metamorphosis) were the top 2 releases I was most looking forward to in 2011.  At least my number 3, P90x: MC2, was kind enough to wait until fall for its release.  Thank you, Tony Horton!  At least I know you are on my side.

Just look at these previews:

I can't take this!  Somebody, please just medicate me until June!

*Goes and cries in a corner*

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