Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Musings in 2011

As briefly touched upon in yesterday's post, 2011 will be the year I plan to blog consistently.  You see, I have been blogging since 2004, but I've never had the motivation to stay on track.  My 2010 odyssey into health and fitness has not only given me something to be passionate about, but FINALLY, a reason to blog.

If you look at my other blog (you know the one about adulthood being a sham) and compare it with this one, it's obvious that for me, blogging about a passion is more fun than talking about myself.  I commend those who can blog about their lives and their perspective so easily...it's not something I feel comfortable doing.

Since more blogging is a New Year's resolution of mine, I plan to blog on an average of 2-3x/week.

Here are some ways I plan to categorize my posts:

  • Rants/Raves: My inner bitch needs to be heard.  Hear me roar, dammit!
  • Reviews: Although I'm starting a 6-month spending hiatus, I'll still review workouts, ranging from DVDs in my collection, ones that I will purchase after June (if I can I make it to June), and even free online workouts.
  • Recommendation of the week: This can range from anything, including health & fitness websites I like, Youtube channels dedicated exercise, fitness products I deem worthy of praise, etc.
  • Workout playlists: A good excuse for me to share my tastes in music! ;)
  • Star workout of the week: This will feature a workout  in the current rotation that I will be doing and that I especially like.
  • Instructor Highlight: What is fitness without the people who make it accessible and bring it into our homes? 
  • Healthy eatings: As I venture more into clean and healthy eating, I will share foods and recipes I am incorporating into my diet.
  • Bad foods I love: Sorry, the foodie in me just had to go there. ;)  I will (occasionally) share with you the foods that tempt me the most and cause me to sometimes lose focus on my fitness goals.  Nothing wrong with treating yourself once-in-awhile!
  • Featured workout rotation: I will share with you my exercise schedule, which changes every 4-6 weeks.

I'm open to suggestions and this is not set in stone, but it's a start.  Even though I have been consistent with eating well and exercising so far this week, next week will be the official start week.

Here's to a fabulous 2011!  Cheers!

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