Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I feel a major case of DOMS on the way...

...and I have the TRX Suspension Trainer to thank for that.

So I went to gym today in hopes of doing my usual Wednesday circuit training.  I figured I'd do an upper body circuit consisting of bicep curls, push-ups, skull crushers, etc.  As I arrived, the gym was packed to the extent that I couldn't even get a hold of a locker.  Then it dawned on me: A.) It's after work hours, which is when most people go the gym and b.) it's January.  Everyone must still be keeping up their fitness least until February when they give up and resort to sitting on the couch and eating cookies after work.

As luck would have it, a staff trainer brought her own equipment (the TRX) to make up for the lack of availability for both the circuit machines and free weights.  She was kind enough to let me try it and even gave me a tutorial on how to use it.  Believe when I say it only looks fact, it is probably the hardest piece of equipment to use that I have ever come across.

The best way I can describe it is to say it is a strap that you hook onto a solid anchor point.  This strap allows you to do body weight exercises and even similar exercises you would do with free weights, but while suspended  at varying angles off the ground.  I'm not sure if I am explaining this correctly, so here is the infomercial on the product:

  You see, what's makes the TRX hard (but likely effective) is that not only are you getting resistance from the strap and the anchoring point, but from your own body weight AND gravity.  Trying doing chest flies while facing down at a 45 degree angle.  All I can say is "ouch!"

Now as a fitness junkie, this item does pique my interest, but I'm not sure I could justify the price.  For close to $200, it comes in a pack with booklets, DVDs, and a door anchor.  I have from other sources that the trainer alone can be purchased separately for $100.  I would like to think there could be a future between me and leverage weight training, but I think I have plenty on my plate for now.  I guess I'll just enjoy the DOMS for the time-being.


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