Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Ugi Fitness Ball

After resisting the temptation to splurge on some fitness purchases, I caved and bought a few things, including the Ugi fitness ball.

You are probably wondering: what the hell is an Ugi?  Well, an Ugi fitness ball is the equivalent of a medicine ball, a Bosu and an inflatable stability ball, all wrapped in one.  I first saw them being used in a BodyRock circuit and found the concept quite intriguing.  It essentially takes the place of all three pieces of equipment I listed above, making it useful for cardio, core, balance and strength training.  See the example video below:

Looks like fun, right?  Well, it is...but it is also hard as f*ck!  Don't let those bright colors and it's squishy consistency fool you--it is not an easy task to exercise with an Ugi ball.  The balls generally range in weight from 6-12 lbs (I bought a 6 lb one), but it is not really the weight that gets you, it's maintaining the balance and stability.  Even performing simple plank feels like learning how to ride a bike all over again.

But as I mentioned, there is absolutely no dread factor with this colorful ball!  Falling off and getting back on is all part of the challenge the Ugi presents.  Let's face it: no matter how much strength, speed or endurance an individual may possess, most of us still suck at balance.  And if you are like me, you are an uber klutz!

Tomorrow, I share with you my thoughts on my other major purchase: Tapout XT.  Enjoy your Saturday night.  Cheers!


julie reuter said...

I agree with you! Ugi is hard as f*ck! :) I bought the 8 lb one and it simply kills me - but in a good way. And this should tell you something - I get more out of breath from doing 10-15 minutes with the Ugi ball than I do doing 45 minutes of spin!

Liz said...

Absolutely! There is something clever and ingenious about that squishy, cuddling-looking little ball. I too can get out of breathe easily and I am someone who enjoys kickboxing and high-impact plyometrics. Never done spinning though.

The other thing I liked about that I forgot to mention in the blog is the portability. I did a workout by the lakefront where I live yesterday. Not only was it fun and a real treat to be outdoors, but the fact that I got a total body workout with such one portable piece of equipment was so nice. It's not too heavy to carry around either.

Lindsey Lu said...

I really want one of these!

Liz said...

They are a good investment, but if you are creative and thrifty enough, you can make them on your own: --> I suck too much at this type of stuff, so I would never attempt it, lol.

I admit, they are pricey and are only really worth it if you plan to use it consistently. They have helped increase my core strength and stability, two things I have always lacked in my fitness.

sana ali said...

This sounds like a good addition to the workout rotation...I've never used my fitness ball for anything but crunches, so I'd love to use it more often. And I like 15 minute increments as those are easier to work into my schedule.
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