Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tracy Anderson's got some major competition

Whoops, forget yesterday was Tuesday!  I am only on week 1 of my new blogging schedule and my silly scatterbrain can't keep up!

I think maybe because today is Farmer's Market day in Andersonville, my excitement got the best of me.  For anyone who knows me, going to the the farmer's market is one of my favorite things to do.  Besides the fresh produce that is unrivaled by supermarket fare, there is always a yummy treat for me to munch on as well.

Anyway, a few things garnered my attention these past few weeks, especially when they pertain to the Queen of Teeny Tiny Bodies and some competition moving into her neighborhood. 

In the wake of opening up a series of gyms worldwide, Madonna and her trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, are putting out a series of workout videos based on classes taught at her Hard Candy gyms.  The series of DVDs will be titled, Addicted to Sweat.  See more below:

Considering I have two left feet, I may skip out on the dance workouts, but those strengthening workouts look good to me.  Interesting that the last workout seems reminiscent of the Tracy Anderson Method, which Madonna use to use exclusively as her workout regiment at one point.  A digging up shows that Ms. Winhoffer herself use to work for Tracy Anderson.  While the chair workout is somewhat similar to Tracy's Perfect Design Series workouts, I will say the towel workout--not necessarily a new concept--looks fun and invigorating.  If sold separately, I may buy that one as a test run for the series and buy the rest if I end up liking it.  The DVDS drop August 28th.

Speaking of ex-employees of Ms. Anderson, Simone de la Rue, a former trainer at her NYC studios has been busy at work with her own workout brand, Body by Simone.  She was recently featured in a NY Times article.  Unfortunately, she put her videos on Youtube to 'private' mode, but I can verify firsthand that her method is VERY reminiscent of Tracy's.  Rumor has it, she may be putting out a line of DVDs as well.  I'd very interested to see how this turns out.

The Tracy Anderson Method isn't the most groundbreaking workout on the market--in fact, some moves go back to Hanoi Jane's old days; however, what make it interesting was the excellent way Tracy marketed her method.  In many ways, she is the Apple Inc of the workout industry: instead of gunning for the whole market, she caters to a specific demographic of loyal followers and tailors her programs based on their needs and wants...not what is trendy or what new studies are showing.  And when I say specific demographic, you all know what mean: pretentious latte-sipping hipsters who hog all the good spots at the coffeehouse and give you dirty stares when you pull up your laptop and it is not Apple.  Good riddance! 

I own an iPad, for the record. 

I am pretty interested in seeing how this type of competition turns out in the end.  I am sure Tracy still gets to remain the Queen, but sometimes the imitator wins out over the originator.  But at the end of the day, I guess there is room for everyone, right?

Alright, off the farmer's market.  Have a good day.  Cheers!

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