Sunday, August 12, 2012

Some blogging updates

Good Sunday afternoon, my fitness junkies.  This is reminder that I'll be making some changes to this blog.

For starters, I plan to blog every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Yup, you heard right.  I will be more consistent with my blogging--not that I ever pledged to do that in the past. 

Instead of being sporadic posting, here is an outline of my weekly  blog schedule:

Sunday: summary of the exercise rotation for the week. 

Tuesday: reviews, comments, rants or raves on exercise DVDs, products and the fitness industry in general.

Thursday: Food!  I will share recipes, my healthy foods or even rants/raves about junk food.

With the exception of today (weekly rotation sharing), I plan to commence on Tuesday.  I might spend the week playing around with different DVDS and equipment and then start being more structured with my routines starting next week.  

Enjoy your week!  Cheers!

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