Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bought myself a running belt....does that mean I will take up running?

One of my favorite new sites for shopping is OpenSky, which I love perusing mainly for fitness gear and other healthy living products that pique my attention and take a hit to my wallet.  I recently came across a running belt for a reasonable price....but does that mean I now have to take up running?

Well, before I pledge myself to any marathons, let me first start off and say that this little SPIbelt is a very nifty product. It's like a mini version of a fanny pack, minus the tackiness and clunky appearance. It allows you to carry all your essentials while out for a run: cellphone, keys, ID, extra cash...whatever tickles your fancy. 

I got the one with the blue zipper.

I originally bought it becuase I was tired of carrying my ginormous purse with me to my lakefront and neighborhood walks.  Believe me, nothing screams "mug me" in the city of Chicago like carrying around a big ol' purse--especially in certain areas.  I thought one of these belts would consolidate my necessities and make my overall walking experience much easier. 

While I won't be running the entire 18 mile lakefront trail anytime soon, I suppose as the weather starts cooling down in the coming weeks, I'll start off with some power walking. Maybe then it will turn into a brisk jog.  If it turns into a full out run...well....let's not think too far ahead of ourselves,  Baby steps, people, baby steps.

In the meantime, let's all enjoy the final days of summer, shall we.  Cheers!

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