Sunday, September 9, 2012

Workout schedule for week of 9/10/2012

As you may have noticed from Thursday's post, I have fallen out of love with the Weider X-Factor ST program after 3 weeks and am cheating on it with JNL Fusion.  I know...I am a horrible girlfriend when it comes to building relationships with my workout systems.

Meet my new love: Jennifer Nicole Lee
So continuing my steamy and torrid affair with JNL Fusion, here is my workout schedule for the week:

Monday: JNL Upper Body Transformer

Tuesday: JNL Lean Legs

Wednesday: JNL Speed & Agility + yoga

Thursday: JNL Total Body + 3-mile jog

Friday: JNL Total Body Transformer (formerly known as Crack-a-Lackin Cardio)

Saturday: JNL Fusion Stretch + 3-mile jog

Sunday: REST

Here is to starting the week off on the right foot.  Cheers!

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