Monday, April 2, 2012

April Showers!

Spring is the air and we are already 1/4 through 2012.  Now is the time to reevaluate how I have done so far and bring on a new rotation.

If I could give myself a grade for my progress through the first 3 months of 2012, I'd have to honestly say a C-.  While I will give myself credit for at least working out, I haven't been as consistent about it.  Even worse, I struggle to follow rotations as written.  I am just the haphazard type who does everything flying by the seat of my pants.

Still, I think I have found a rotation for April that I can stick to.  I have recently fallen in love again with Sylwia Wisenberg's Tonique method.  Sylwia likes to put put an emphasis on targeting trouble zones for women.  But make no mistake about it...this stuff ain't foo foo!  Sylwia herself is quite the machine.  I have never seen anyone do so many lunges and squats without flinching.  

Sylwia's body is eviable!
I am also dusting off some Physique 57 from my Barre collection.  After giving the Barre method a second chance, I fondly remember enjoying the workouts.  And I missed making my inner thighs burn like Lousiana Hot Sauce.

Lately, I have also warmed up to the idea of long walks and going for runs.  It might be the neighborhood I moved to five months ago--the last one I lived in was congested with traffic and tourists--but surprisingly, I am loving going for a morning or early evening run.  Plus, the weather has been surprisingly lovely in Chicago. 

Here is what my April rotation might look like (I say might so I don't feel tied down to follow it exclusively):

Monday: Tonique + 2 mile jog
Tuesday: P57
Wednesday: Tonique + 10-15 min upper body circuit
Thursday: P57
Friday: Tonique + 2-3 mile jog
Saturday: Yoga/stretching + long walk
Sunday: Rest

So let's hope I can stay true to this rotation.  Happy spring!

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