Monday, April 16, 2012

Review: Workout 1 from Jillian Michael's Body Revolution

So upon reviewing my previous post where I bitch (a lot) about the packaging of Jillian Michael's Body Revolution, I realized I wasn't concentrating enough on the positive aspects of the set.  Having tried the first workout, I can say that I am liking it so far and feel I will be able to finish the 90 days.  I do believe this could be Jillian's best product yet.

But killing all those trees is still inexcusable!

 Before I begin with my comments, I wanted to add a rundown of the entire workout:

Military march
Arm swings
Hip swivels
Knee swivels

Circuit 1 (completed 2x):
Basic squats
Push ups
Basic plank
Chest fly
Towel runs (cardio interval similar to a sports drill and only done 1x)

Circuit 2 (2x):
Plie squat
Tricep kickback
Standing abduction
Speed bag (cardio interval only done 1x)

Circuit 3 (you guessed it--2x):
Chair squat with front raise
Tricep extensions
 Warrior Pose
 March in place (cardio interval only done 1x)

 Circuit 4 (do I need to remind you how many times we do it?):
Forward leg extensions
Bicycle crunches
Lateral raises
Step out, step in (essentially side squats; cardio interval only done 1x)

Cool Down

Based on my watch, this workout clocked in at 32:11. 

My Thoughts
I have to say that I really enjoyed doing this workout.  While it was somewhat challenging (modification for more advanced exercisers can be made), it was still very doable.  I felt a little sore the day after, especially from the chest flys.  I used 3lbs as my lowest weight and 8lbs as my heaviest, but I think I can go up to 10lbs next time.  Again, even if it seems too easy at first, using heavier weights or doing the more high impact versions of the moves can increase the intensity.  Jillian mentions that she wants to build your base fitness level first before doing more high impact moves, which come later in the system. 

 As I mentioned previously, Jillian seems more likeable and approachable this time around.  Not to say that Jillian is always her drill sergeant persona from the Biggest Loser, but sometimes I do find her acting aggressive and overly cocky in some her previous DVDs. But of course, you can never ask to stop being "Jillian" completely. 

None of these issues bother me personally, but some people might be averse to her "sexy" talk.  If you are familiar with her previous outings, you would know that Jillian likes to tease her background exercisers regarding the pleasing aesthetics of their body parts.  She has no qualms about rubbing six-pack abs or pinching booties and reminding her viewers that you too can get this body...if you do her workouts, that is. 

Thumbs up from me so far.  Looking forward to Workout 2!

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Diana said...

Right now I am doing Ripped in 30 and am debating if I should buy Body Revolution. I already have 30 Day Shred and several other JM DVD's plus 20 years of other fitness workouts. My most recent purchase is Focus T25. Do you think the Body Revolution offers something that I can't get from 30 Day Shred and Ripped in 30? I don't want to spend $100.00 on it if it is the same type of workouts.