Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jillian has arrived!

I just want to first start this post by saying that I despise the new look for blogspot.  I think it is more confusing than that damn Facebook timeline!

Okay, rant over.  So what were my initial impressions of Jillian's Body Revolution set?  Maybe I was still in a foul mood over the changes here on blogspot, but I did not get off on the right start with Body Revolution. 

I was not a happy camper at first
First off, the packaging has to be the most obnoxious and wasteful I have seen come with a system.  Nevermind the silly, paper-thin binders that the carries the DVDs (no scratches, thankfully).  The set came with too many booklets.  What was especially annoying was that the 7-day "jump start" had its own book, when it could have easily been tacked on to the Fitness Guide or the Fat Burning Meal Plan.  For those of you unfamiliar with systems, many include a "jump start" or detox-- whatever they decide to call it-- that includes calorically low food guidelines and usually week-long schedule recommendations to allow you to lose a lot of weight initially. 

 Gaiam, the distributor, also decided it was necessary to include flyer advertising for stamps, car insurance and other useless shit that I already hate getting in the mail.  I probably recycled more from the packaging than what I actually intend to use.  I think they managed to top the ubiquitous Beachbody for worse packaging ever.

My disappointment continued when I was quick to learn that I was being given a measly green resistance band because the original black, adjustable resistance cable was out of stock.  I learn about this misfortune by digging through the many printouts Gaiam felt necessary to include--but boy was the font on that flyer snazzy!   Well, on the bright side, this is the first resistance band that I own that is the color green.