Sunday, March 6, 2011

My final say on rotations

It's only March, and I have already had the worst luck with exercise rotations this past year.  One minute I am pledging to do 4-week rotations, the next minute I'm whittling that down to two, and then after that I see a new product I like....well, you get the picture.

These past few weeks, I have noticed that I unintentionally put myself on a rotation and maybe because it was subconscious effort, I have been sticking with it.  It's nothing too structured--in fact it reads more like a basic, guideline schedule than a rotation--but it has worked for me.

It reads something like this:
Monday: Strength training, i.e. heavy lifting, low weight/high reps, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, circuit training, etc
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Weights and cardio at the gym
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Strength training (same as Monday) and HIIT workout
Saturday: Tracy Anderson, cardio, and/or yoga/stretching
Sunday:  Same as Saturday

I know, it is so basic it is almost laughable.  But I think this can work for me.


I hope I didn't jinx myself by revealing my rotations. 

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