Monday, August 25, 2014

That old feeling (with Turbo Fire)

So I am doing my August Challenge.  Trying to cut sugar out of the equation ('try' being the operative word here). Enjoying evening runs and outdoor circuits in this fickle Chicago weather -- hey, at least the leaves haven't started to change yet!  And doing yoga a few times a week.

But you should know me by know: I can't stay committed for long.  My wandering heart beats at the sight of something new and different.  Or the passion gets reignited with an old flame.  In this case, I feel back in love with Turbo Fire.

Friday, August 1, 2014

August Challenge

With my birthday just 6 weeks away, I am attempting to repeat a challenge from last year -- Sugar-free Challenge.   But overall, I want to devote the month of August to really cleaning up my diet and increasing my exercise intensity.  I know I am historically terrible at my own challenges, but I thought it would still be worth a try.

As of late, I have been mixing it up some yoga (my bad trapezius muscle, remember?) and jogging (how about that marathon I keep putting off...).  But I think am ready to go back to high intensity circuit training.  

Here are some "soft" goals I would like to aim for this month:

1.) Outside workouts - It is amazing how quickly summer flies!  With one month left until autumn returns, I would like to enjoy the warmer weather (more like temperate here in Chicago) and sunlight as much as possible.  This evening, I did a 3-mile jog and 16-minute circuit workout at sunset by the Loyola Campus, near the lake.  It was lovely and peaceful!

Location of my last workout.  Courtesy: Loyola Chicago

2.) Sugar-free eating - This is pretty self-explanatory, as I aim to cut out all refined, white sugars from my diet for the next 31 days.  I can't promise I can cut out all bad foods -- I will enjoy the occasional savory fried treat at a festival or enjoy fresh-baked bread from the farmer's market -- but I do want to go back to healthful eating.  Having gained some weight this year, I can attest that munching on too many sweets is to blame for 75% of my weight gain.  Au revoir, cookies!  At least for now.  

3.) Going back to circuit training (but still incorporating yoga) - My body needs to be challenged and feel the burn...but it also needs rejuvenation.  I am easing myself back into more intensive exercise and have done intermediate level workouts (for me) this past week -- they kicked my butt!  I am thinking maybe 2 days of circuit training, followed by a day of yoga.  

With that said, I am going to Eataly later today and I pray on hands and knees that the gelato, the Nutella bar (yes, they have a bar dedicated to Nutella) the bakery, and selection of imported Italian chocolates doesn't tempt me.  Maybe I should to start on the 2nd?  Or can I follow through with challenge until the end?  

God, I hope I temporarily go blind when I walk past this section. Courtesy: NBC Chicago