Monday, April 13, 2015

I haven't fallen off the fitness wagon; I just lost interest in blogging

As usual, I make a lot of lofty promises in January, only for it to all wayside in a few weeks.

On the fitness side, I am doing okay. I sidelined BodyShred for a few months because my busy work schedule didn't permit me to follow the schedule in full. I probably was managing 3-4 workouts a weeks. Now that my work is in its slow mode (and summer is around the corner), I can concentrate on reaching some of my fitness goals.  And I have admit that my body wasn't ready for more advanced workouts. I was feeling beat up after a few days, so I scaled it back to the intermediate territory, including Jillian's more doable workouts.

But all that said, I am just not motivated to blog. I am not sure if it worth the effort of keeping this blog around. Not only have I been on/off for years -- mainly due to being in such a hard place -- but even now, with things looking up for me, I just don't have the passion. I don't I ever did.

But I am still keeping track of my fitness goals in some capacity. If you visit me over on Instagram (@fitjnkiemusings), I am photo logging some of my activities as part of an 8-week challenge (I am in week 2), including my food, workouts, etc.

For now, we will see if I get back into the blog state of mind. But the weather is so freaking nice in Chicago to be inside.

Have a good week! Cheers!

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