Monday, December 29, 2014

Restart with Jillian Michaels

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday break!  While we still have one more holiday to enjoy the indulgences of the season, I have already started my new rotation to kickstart my 2015 weight loss and fitness journey.  I am going back to my old standby: Jillian Michaels.  And boy, does she have something in store for 2015!

Even though I gained weight this year and undid some of my weight loss from 2013, I am really proud of myself for not overdoing it during the holidays.  I maintained my weight and didn't put on a single pound.   I was great about portion control with all my meals and ate lots of fruit/veggies, but my biggest victory was saying no to sweets.  I nibbled on a little sliver of my mother's sour cream cake over Christmas -- man it's heaven! -- but I was actually able to otherwise avoid sugary sweets and drinks (flavored espresso drinks are usually my undoing) during my break.  I can already feel a slight difference in my energy levels and my sleep schedule is starting to improve.

  I also decided not to wait until the first full week of January (the 5th) to start my weight loss journey and did Workout 9 from Phase 3 of Jillian Michaels' Body Revolution on Sunday (today is day 2 of my journey_.  Why go straight to Phase 3 and not do the first two?  Because I ordered Jillian's latest offering: BodyShred.  And holy sh*t, it looks hard!  I needs some pre-conditioning before jumping in.

The promo isn't up on YouTube yet, so check it out on the website.

Initially I had some apprehensions about the program since it looked injury-inducing, you-have-to-be-a-gymnast type of crazy, but some people already have the program and have said that while it is tough, it is doable (and modifiable).  I admitted in my review of BR that I thought her Phase 3 was too crazy to attempt.  But after I took my foot out of my mouth, I tried and didn't die.  They are tough -- my shoulders are burning from yesterday's workout!  But I can do them just fine, and if I can attempt the madness of her Phase 3 from BR, why not take it the next level?

So my plan is this: complete Phase 3 of BR, and then transition into BS.  BS, fyi, is only a 60-day program, so I thought combining the two would create a kick ass 12-week weight/fat loss rotation.  I may modify the rotation to add on extra workouts (when I am feeling strong enough) and to sub the cardio with other workouts, like The Firm Express. And of course, I am attempting to overhaul my diet as well since it is the most important component to weight/fat loss.

I know I am historically bad with following rotations, but this is a milestone year for me -- I am turning 30 in September! -- and I really do want to achieve lots of my previous fitness goals.  Speaking of things I am historically bad with following through with, I plan to share my New Year's resolutions later this week.  I will try to summarize week 1 of my journey by the weekend.

Now if you will excuse, I just got notification that BS came in the mail today, so I am off to preview.  Have a good week!  Cheers!


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