Sunday, October 26, 2014

The 12 Days of Halloween: Days 4-7

Yes, I have fallen behind with the blogging, but it was not in vain.  I have some good news to share.

Before we get to my good news, a 4-day recap of my workout schedule. 

Day 4: Turbo Fire - Fire 30

I get hot and cold with my love affair with Turbo Fire, but when it's good, it is amazing.  Fire 30 is one of my favorites in the set -- short, intense and energy-boosting.  I must have really concentrated on my punching/jabbing form because my upper body was sore the next day.

Day 5: JNL Fusion - Upper Body Transformer

If Turbo Fire is my fiery mistress, JNL Fusion is the reliable, dependable rebound.  Don't get me wrong: I love the program.  My rave review is the most popular on this blog.  But while Turbo Fire has lower lows (those strength workouts are meh), it also has lower lows.  JNL Fusion is consistently good and just that.  I chose the easier upper body workout that day because I was coming off an intense upper body workout from TF the day before. 

Days 6&7: Rest
My body needed the R&R, so I took the weekend off.
Yummy Fall Treat: Jeni's Ice Cream - Buttercup Pumpkin w/Amaretti Cookies
After discovering Jeni's Ice Cream, I think I uncovered the meaning life.  The ice cream is so good, I almost reach a level of transcendence every time I take a bite.  But in all seriousness, it is nothing short of amazing and I have yet to meet a flavor I haven't liked.  Normally, I don't like pumpkin-flavored ice cream.  Shocking considering I love almost everything else pumpkin-flavored, but in this case, it is usually that sugary pseudo pumpkin flavor that plagues most ice creams.  But Jeni's gets it right.  It is the perfect balance of pumpkin -- real pumpkin! -- and spice.  And those amaretti cookies?  Flavor explosion!  I think the extra pound I gained these past few days came from eating this ice cream...but I don't care.
Soundtrack of the Day: Hellraiser
I have soft spot for the Hellraiser movies and I think the score, especially the first film, is gorgeous and haunting. 
Bedtime Story/Movie of the Day: Hellraiser
And speaking of Hellraiser, I have been binging on all the films on Netflix.  Though the second film is a worthy sequel, each succeeding film in the series is worse than its processor.  One of the sequels has a Cenobite that spits out turntable records, while another installment takes place in space.  You know your franchise is beyond the shark jump when your film's setting is in space. 
But the first one is a horror classic, in my own humble opinion.  A cautionary tale about the pitfalls of hedonism and carnal desire, it puts many contemporary horror films to shame.  Plus, Pinhead and his S&M-clad band of Cenobites are equal parts creepy and fascinating.

The Chatterer (far right) was always my favorite.

Okay, now for the good news: I have a new job!  I start next month as a Marketing Coordinator for a cultural institute here in Chicago.  As I have mentioned previously in this blog, part of my health and fitness journey has been a struggle largely due to my mental/emotional health.  And being underemployed (and even unemployed at times) for the past 3 years was really hurting my mental/emotional health.  While I can't declare that everything will suddenly get better, a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders.  As things get better and better for me,  I am hoping this translates to bigger and better fitness goals for me to achieve in the coming months and especially for next year.

Have a good week.  Cheers!

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