Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The 12 Days of Halloween: Day 3

I am noticed my sleep has been taking a hit lately and I don't know if it is my insomnia or all this spookiness.  Perhaps I need a dose of humor for today...

Routine of the Day: One Dumbbell Total Body HIIT
I am taking it a bit easier today (maybe it was all that training for the Zombie Apocalypse), but this workout is by no means a cakewalk.  It is brought to you by Mike Donavanik -- whose makes awesome DVDs!  He has some freebies on his YouTube channel and this one is my favorite.  I like the creativity of it and it is short, intense and very full-body comprehensive.  Plus, Mike is a funny guy!  The breakdown is after the video. 


1. Single Arm Twisting Squat to Press - LEFT
2. Single Arm Twisting Squat to Press - RIGHT
3. Muscle Jacks
4. Side Lunge / High Row / Press - LEFT (option to make a plyo)
5. Side Lunge / High Row / Press - RIGHT (option to make a plyo)
6. Lateral Shuffle Reach + Punch & Press
7. Reverse Lunge to Single Arm Bicep Curl - LEFT
8. Reverse Lunge to Single Arm Bicep Curl - RIGHT
9. Dynamo Lunges w/ Rotational DB Twist
10. Alternating V-Ups
Song of the Day: Ghostbusters
I have spent the past few nights listening to creepy music, watching scary movies and reading crazy true crime stories...and it got me thinking: is this messing with my psyche?  After awhile, you see shadows lingering on your walls; strange noises outside your window unnerve you (I live in a basement); figures starting forming in the corner of your eye; you worry about who is behind you while walking down the street at night...
But pleasant thoughts, people, pleasant thoughts.  And Halloween doesn't have to be just about scary stuff; it can be funny too.  So lo and behold, the benign and fun theme from the classic film, "Ghostbusters."  Take it away, Ray Parker, Jr:
Bedtime Story/Movie: Ghostbusters
What else was going to say?  It is the 30th anniversary of this classic and it was one of my favorite films as a kid.  I think it is also the best film to play the quote game with your friends ("I feel like the floor of a taxi cab" - Egon). Who was your favorite character?  I always liked Ray best.  Though Egon's snark was pretty great too.

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