Monday, October 13, 2014

Screw my fitness routine -- It is October!

By now we should all know that radio silence on this blog means I have been a bad girl with my exercise routine.  While I am planning to restart my Tracy Anderson rotation this week, I thought I would focus this month on what really matters: it's October!

October and Halloween in particular are my personal equivalent to Christmas.  I love the cool fall weather; the beautiful foliage while strolling through a park; wearing boots, scarves and showing off my coat collection; sipping warm, fuzzy drinks and hearty beers; and watching scary movies.  I mean lots of scary movies. 

Just like how some people ease up on their fitness routines during the Christmas season, I get quite a bit lax this month (as if I weren't lax enough).  I enjoy pumpkin-spiced food items, hot chocolate, cider, candy and creamy soups just  a little too much this month and I refuse to let up. 

So while I get my act together, fitness-wise, I will also blog about the wonderful things I love about this month.  From pumpkin-spiced lattes to George Romero zombie films, it will be a fall extravaganza! And *grovel* I will try to blog more about my routine.

Happy Monday!  Cheers!

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