Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Challenge: Days 11& 12

Happy Halloween!

Workout routine:

I am still doing Meta, Level 1, but decided to go for a walk yesterday.  And today I will be out and about, bar crawling and sprawling.

Yummy Treat:

I plan to go out and enjoy some appetizers and drinks.  Here is hoping I won't do too much damage.  

Song of the Day

When I was in high school, I had a clock radio to force me out of bead.  Every year on Halloween, my favorite radio station -- 103.5 Kiss FM -- would play "Thriller" on the dote.  It made getting out of bed feel a little less crappy. Feeling nostalgic, I thought a it would be the appropriate song for today. 


Bedtime Story

Nada.  Go out and enjoy the evening.  But if you are a homebody, plenty of good stuff on Netflix.  

Happy Halloween and enjoy the weekend!  Cheers!

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