Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Chicago Marathon

We are about 100 days away from the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and I am really torn about wanting to participate.  On one hand, my aggravated trapezius muscle and the fact that I don't normally run is holding me back.  On the other, this will be the last year for me to attempt a marathon before turning 30 (I turn 29 in September).

What I am to do?

I know, I know -- I am not going to turn into a pumpkin after 30, losing my ability to participate in rigorous activity.  I attended the Chicago Marathon about 5 years and was floored by the diversity of ages who participated.  At the Marathon in 2009, I came to support to my fit, young friend of 24 and was amused to see people in their 60's and 70's surpassing him.  In the modern era, being fit and vital for decades (while knowing your limitations) isn't so rare.

For me, it was always a personal goal I wanted to accomplish before celebrating the next decade of my life.  We all aim to accomplish numerous feats before the ages of 25, 30, 35, 40, etc.  Often, we finally hit those milestone ages and laugh at some of the silly goals we thought we could accomplish (but youth is meant for dreaming, right?).  There is nothing wrong with dreaming big, but I think people are too caught up in what they are suppose to do or where they are suppose to be by certain ages (our culture is too age obsessed, anyway).  Accomplishing a goal at a later point in your life is not a failure...unless of course you were aiming to compete in the Miss America pageant. 

Realistically, 100 days isn't a lot of time to train for someone who is an amateur runner.  But regardless of the timeframe, I plan to start running this weekend, easing myself into it (my trap is better, but still not 100%).  Perhaps if I see improvements by the end of summer (though I doubt I will), I will entertain my age-specific fitness goal.  I think the more realistic plan of action, however, is to start training now and aim for a 5K in the fall, as well as a few next spring and summer.  By next year's Marathon, I should be ready.  Just hoping my creaky body let's me compete.

I kid, I kid!  Enjoy your Fourth of July Holiday.  Cheers!


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