Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Java and sweets are my krytonite

Okay, so I have a confession: I am packing on the pounds again.  Why?  I eat too many sweets and drink espresso drinks like they are going out of style.

 We are a little over 2 months away from summer...unless you count June 1st as officially summer.  In that case, it is 7.5 weeks away.  But no matter -- I am getting fatter, not slimmer!  Dang, those dreams of a nice bikini body feel so far away.

I have no one but myself to blame.  And for it, I will have to work extra hard to prep myself for the summer season.  That includes cutting back on the coffee and sweets, no matter how much I love them. This will make me unhappy in the short run, but my health is important in the long run. 

But still...
Trips to Eataly will have to be less frequent. 
I guess that means less nutella-stuffed beignets too. 

That means a few less caramel lattes from The Coffee Studio too. 



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