Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Examining my Coconut Oil Experiment

Last month, I mentioned turning to coconut oil as a means to beautify myself.  I was definitely not surprised about how great coconut oil is a beauty product -- my hair looked fab after a 30-minute hair mask session!  But the amount I could save if I replaced many of my beauty products with coconut oil was the real pleasant surprise.

 As a recap, here are a few ways I ended up incorporating into my routine:

1.) Hair Mask - This yielded the best results. After covering my damp hair with coconut oil and letting it sit for 30 minutes, my hair was soft.  I mean ridiculously soft.  So soft, it could rival the coat of a Holland Lop bunny.  Might I add that I looked quite cute too (though maybe not as cute as a Holland Lop).

2.) Facial moisturizer/eye cream - This took some getting to use to, especially because coconut oil feels greasy on the face and doesn't have the velvety, creamy texture many facial moisturizers do.  But after a week, I adjusted and it did a good job moisturizing and evening out my skin tone.  Bonus: coconut oil especially keeps the under eye area soft and smooth up to 24 hours after an application. 

3.) Body moisturizer - This was particularly effective on my post-winter skin, especially the elbows and knees. Unlike the face, coconut oil absorbs better on the body and dries much faster than generic body lotion.

4.) Oil pulling - Oil pulling can be controversial in some health circles, but I consider it a more natural alternative to mouth wash. My teeth were noticeably whiter after a few tries and -- I apologize for the TMI -- my gums bled less.

So how much did I save?  Bare with me since this is a very rough estimate and I couldn't include every product I used, but here is rundown of what I could potentially save in one month:

Face and eye cream (note: I will not disclose product names)
I use two facial moisturizers (AM & PM) that both cost about $36 each.  In addition, I use an $18 eye cream.  On average, I go through 1/3rd of my facial moisturizers and eye cream in one month, replacing them total every 3 months. 

Total =$12 (AM cream) + $12 (PM cream) + $6 (eye cream) = $30

Body moisturizer
I use a $12 body butter and finish about half of it in a month, replacing it every 2 months.


Hair Mask
Since I only do a hair mask maybe once a month, I save on this the most.  I use an $8 product that comes in an 8 oz jar.  You may have noticed that I am a bit more conservative with my other beauty products, but my hair is too thick, so I have to use 1.5 to 2 oz in my hair to really get good coverage. For the sake of this experiment, let's say that I use about 1.5 oz.


Total Savings
Totaling these products here (note: there are more products I excluded, like makeup), I use a total of $37.50 on beautifying myself.  That really doesn't seem too egregious considering $37.50 is less than what some people spend on one product. But what I save is the more intersing part.

As my picture indicates above, I bought a 16 fl oz jar of coconut oil from Trader Joe's that came to about $6 a jar. This might be one of the best prices on the market. That comes to around 38 cents an oz.  Due to the thick, oily nature of coconut oil, I didn't have to use as much; a very small amount goes a long wzy.  Therefore, by the end of 4 weeks I only used 4 oz (including my hair).  Yup, 4 oz!

Total=$0.38x 4 =$1.52

Damn, that is some good savings!  I can definitely see myself making the gradual switch to coconut oil for most of daily beauty and health routines.  And I didn't even scratch the surface as far as the other ways I could be incorporating coconut oil into my daily life.  But I look forward to continuing the journey.



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