Friday, March 21, 2014

Beautifying myself with coconut oil

We have all heard about how great coconut oil is. Paleo Diet enthusiasts tout it as the best oil to cook with and incorporate into your daily diet. 

But what your replacing a majority of skin and hair care products as part of your beauty regiment?

So maybe you do know someone who boasts about how coconut oil gave them the most gorgeous hair ever...or that it is the best moisturizer for your face...or that it helped get rid of stretch marks...but did you actually bother to give it a try?

Well, I am about to embark on journey where I replace almost every beauty product in my cabinet with coconut oil.  From hair shining serum to my nightly creams, they will all get a one-month hiatus.  Besides trying to reap the health benefits, I want to assess the overall cost effectiveness of using one product to replace 80% of my medicine cabinet. 

So what can coconut oil replace or substitute? 

Here is a rundown of what type of ways you can incorporate coconut oil into your beauty regiment:

- Deep hair conditioner
- Makeup remover
- Facial moisturizer
- Body/hand/foot lotion
- Cuticle cream
- Burn relief
- Lip gloss
- Massage oil
- Scalp treatment to promote hair growth
- Repair dry, flaky skin
- Eye cream
- Frizz reducer/shining serum
- Thermal protectant (for styling tools)

Here is a comprehensive list of ways coconut oil aficionados put it to good use. The possibilities are endless, but I am merely mentioning the ways I will be incorporating it into my daily beauty routine.  Based on my list, my nighttime routine is essentially covered.  Here is hoping I can say goodbye to overpriced cold creams and moisturizers.

Out of curiosity, I did a little test when I got home from the store yesterday to see how it feels on my skin.  I dabbed a little on my wrist and forearm and was pleasantly surprised how quickly my skin absorbed the oil -- no residue or greasy feel to it.  Bonus: I smelled like a 7-layer bar!

I will be happy to report the results in a month, as well as the total amount I would save if I replaced my beauty products with coconut oil.  In the meantime, I would love to hear other suggestions.

Happy Spring!  Cheers!


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