Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Fitness Resolutions for 2014

It's that time of the year again for me to make fitness resolutions to better my body and mind...only to fall flat on my face.  But what the hell, they are fun to attempt anyways!

As the years go on, I realize lofty goals like running marathons and getting in superhero shape are only tangible if I first reach smaller, more realistic goals that set me up for them.  So this year I plan to play it practical.  And I pledged 5 resolutions because 10 is just too many (and I would be kidding myself otherwise).

With out further adieu, here are my top 5 health and fitness resolutions for 2014:

5.) Get more (consistent) sleep and drink more water - I am in my late 20s and cannot be flippant with such matters -- I need to stay hydrated and get my old ass into bed earlier!  Over the years, I can definitely tell how my night owl habits caught up with me.  Staying up late and running on little sleep is meant for the super young.  Once true adulthood hits, you realize the importance of at least 6 hours of sleep in order to function.   Coffee is still a must though.

This is this is the only way to excuse myself from all those late nights.

4.) Consistency is the name of the game - My biggest downfall when it comes to exercise is not being consistent enough.  Sure, being haphazard isn't a crime, but consistency can make all the difference.  I think consistent also goes hand-in-hand with accountability.  By being consistent, I become more accountable for my actions and am less likely to fall off the wagon.

3.) Blog more (and redesign this joint) - Let's be brutally honest: this place looks like a ghost town.This past year hasn't been my finest in terms of quantity (or even quality for that matter), but I aim to up my game and try to average blogging twice a week.  Hopefully I can brainstorm some new ideas and formulate a reasonable and sound blog schedule in the coming weeks.

Oh, and on the topic of brutal honesty: my blog design is so 2008.  Time to redecorate!

2.) Portion control...and maybe try to keep it clean? - I am not the best when it comes to clean eating, but I really try my best.  I understand the importance of clean, unprocessed foods and hopefully I will incorporate them almost exclusively into my diet. But sometimes I recognize that it just isn't possible.

The bigger, more aspect of my diet, though, has been focused on portion control.  I managed a ten pound loss recently just by cutting down on what I eat...but still not skimping on the good stuff.  If I can get away with eating a little chocolate almost every day for the past two months, then I will not allow myself to be a slave to broccoli and chicken for the rest of my life...unless of course it is covered in cheese!

1.) Trying new things - This is really my sneaky, subtle way of saying that I might run that marathon after all; however, I am still not pledging any promises I cannot keep.  I am also maintaining ambiguity with this one in the event that "trying new things" could mean attending my first Crossfit class -- there is literally a Crossfit gym across the street from my apartment! -- or maybe I will finally push myself to attend a barre or yoga class -- little worried about too many hot bodies and me being 
the only non-body there.

...but...maybe...just maybe this could be next October...

Is this my year to participate?  Or will I just be stuffing my face with Fritos on the sidelines?

Oh boy, this is gonna be an interesting year.  Happy New Years!

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Judith Harvey said...

The new year wouldn’t be complete without great goals to inspire us! And it’s good to know that for this year, you’re focusing on staying fit and healthy. And I must say, all your goals are very simple, but definitely have a huge impact on your life. Particularly number 5, which is drinking lots of water. It really is helpful to maintain the balance of your body, and it helps flush out all the toxins you may have gotten from the environment. It can also help in losing weight through speeding your metabolism. That being said, good luck on your journey. I hope you managed to achieve all of your goals!

Judith Harvey @ AquaPerfect