Monday, April 1, 2013

Sugar-free April

In order truly detoxify my body, increase my weight loss results and strength/cardio gains, I am going to something drastic -- cut out sugar.  How will I live?!

 Blogger note: this is part 2 in a series where I partake in a monthly diet and/or exercise challenge as part of a journey to improve my health.  This was originally intended for March and follow carb-free February, but I will now be pledging this for the month of April.

I believe that we should treat ourselves on occasion and enjoy indulgences in moderation, but I am considering really taking this up a notch and cutting all refined sugars out for an entire month.  That means no candies, cakes, pies, sweets, sugary coffee drinks, etc.  I am even being extra cautious and wary with foods that have hidden sugar. Yes, artificial sweeteners count too. 

 The absence or decrease of refine sugar should be key in any person's weight loss, but it can be a particular hard undertaking as the American diet consists of so much sugar!  It seems like it is in almost every facet of foods in our grocery stores.  The only way to truly avoid this food catastrophe would be to eat as clean as possible and get my sweet fix from fresh, organic fruit.

I can't let this tempt for one whole month.
 In theory, it sounds really hard and awful, but I think this is a great testament to willpower and striving to improve my health and lifestyle.  Diets supposedly don't work in the long run because they only prepare you to lose x amount of weight of body fat in a small window of time -- this is about creating long-term success.  This doesn't mean the end of all sweets for me, just learning to live without them for a little while longer.

While I did not learn to  be successful in February -- hey, I had an excuse! -- I think I may have more luck with this type of challenge this time around. I can learn to redirect my cravings and using sweet rewards to cure boredom into something more productive and meaningful.  Maybe this will cause me to finally work on that novel I have left in limbo...or is that too much wishful thinking?


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